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subliminal sounds


Released: 24th Aug 2018

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Released: 25th Aug 2018

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Re-emerging to a new following of clued-up psych-heads, the new incarnation of the swedish quartet combine to create sprawling jams anchored by soulful guitar solos that’ll whisk you away to topographies vast and wondrous.

now with players from the scene they helped birth in their ranks (hills, dungen, the amazing) and recent appearances at pzyk fest under their belt, they return with new material. Pastoral, heavy, yet meditative, these songs move like extended jam fests but with the fat trimmed and virtuosity replaced by pure…vibes.  You can see why this is a band that has been talked about in quasi-spiritual terms over the years. The heaviest recommendations to you if you like recent chilean psych, dungen, earth, can, and even terry riley.