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Released: 9th Nov 2018



Released: 9th Nov 2018


After their single releases “Cut And Run“(Soundflat Records) and “Ouagadougou Blues”(Burru Records) THE READY‐MADES present their brand new album “Autogestion Sentimentale” on Soundflat Records.

Powerful frontwoman Barbara Stressante and her talented boys from Paris are THE sensation of R&B‐ and Soul‐heaven! They have just the right mix of American black music of the 50s & 60s together with British Beat music and French YéYé sounds! You will start dancing instantly once you play this record – if it is cool and classy French YéYé‐tunes like “Intervention Horizontale” or “Sophia Antipolis”, hot R&B‐tunes like “Bungalow” or the jazzy instrumental “Château Lascar” with its dirty saxophone ‐ this band will simply make you sweat with their groovy, perfectly arranged R&B‐songs, all self‐composed, and this incredibly soulful voice! “If I Can't Dance” and “Where Am I Right Now?” will absolutely steal your breath while reminding you of a female version of NICK WATERHOUSE and the mindblowing “Ouagadougu Blues” will finally leave you with goosebumps all over. An authentic dark, soulish 60's R&B‐sound with a rhythmic beat, the perfect amount of French YéYé and outstanding songwriting!



  1. Intervention Horizontale
  2. If I Can't Dance
  3. Lady Maddie
  4. La Main Invisible
  5. Pretty Like A Truck
  6. Château Lascar
  7. (You'd Better) Watch Me
  8. Sophia Antipolis
  9. Méta‐Cigare
  10. Where Am I Right Now?
  11. Bungalow
  12. Ouagadougou Blues