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Released: 15th Feb 2019



Released: 15th Feb 2019


"Early Landed", the debut album from Arianna K, carries the same attributes as its famous brandy counterparts: different, unique flavours, with exceptional finesse and clarity! This is an album for music-connoisseurs and a true modern art-pop suggestion.

Embracing alternative music's rich legacy, from shoegaze to noise-rock and left-field pop to the world of contemporary minimalism, Arianna's songs sound as fresh and daring as any, from MBV to Trent Reznor and Cocorosie, while still maintaining some deep adoration for the world of classic pop-songwriting, be it The Beatles or Fleetwood Mac. Like a wiseman once said, "(Early Landed) sounds like a cross between The Beach Boys, Bjork and Brian Eno"! Arianna K (b. 1997) is better known in Athens, Greece, for her keys wizzadry in Omegaray's current touring line-up; the young polymath is the daughter of George Karanikolas, founding member of The Last Drive, main man behind BLML and Omegaray and renowned guitar maestro & this album’s producer, along with Nikos Lavdas. Grown up in a musical environment and armed with classical piano studies from the age of 8, her songwriting process kick-started at the age of 16 to be culminated via an ongoing process of quest, self-exploration and, finally, emancipation; like the songs on her debut. Written during a 5-year self-discovery period, which reflects with a disarming insight the magic and loss, darkness and light of the spacetime continuum and that ultimate code of growing up, the "letting go" mechanism. With its piano-led "blue-eyed soul" (well, let's better call it "brown-eyed soul"...), catchy melodies, minimal arrangements and some breathtaking ambience, "Early Landed" sounds as physical and soulful as anything you ever heard from a 20-years' old chanteuse. "Early Landed" will be out in February 2019 on CD and digital as well as limited vinyl edition via Sound Effect Records. Arianna K and her band recently opened for Still Corners in Athens and will be engaged in more touring during early 2019.



  1. Letting Go
  2. Effect
  3. Angry Song
  4. Separation
  5. Seabird (Alessi Brothers)
  6. The Love That Goes To Waste
  7. Colors
  8. Steps
  9. Sun Is Glue
  10. Siddhartha