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Released: 8th Feb 2019


Finally the wait is over – the brand‐new album “Marigold Under Scales” by the fabulous CAYMAN KINGS is here ‐ and what a smashing hit‐album it is! The album is released on LP (SOUNDFLAT RECORDS) and CD / Digital Download (WTPS MUSIC) and it builds on its predecessor “Suffering Chelsea Boots” nicely, while the psychedelic influence is a little more distinct than before, not just through its trippy coverartwork.

Starting off directly with the wild “Pink & Blue” with its heavy organ, fuzzy guitars and vocal harmonies, one certainly cannot deny their 60s Garage/Freakbeat‐influence while the boys remain true to their fresh, unique sound that by no means sounds old‐fashioned. If it is “Gorgeous Enough” or “Workplace Wellness” with more of a wild and fast Garagepunk‐attitude or “Live In My Time” with a touch of folky components – you simply get addicted to these catchy tunes with striking vocals, infectious rhythm and beat, wild guitars and raving organ. Finally “Less Yarns More Barns” and “Gore & Glory” mark the more psychedelic tunes of the record with reverb, jazzy organ, a more symphonic, experimental composition up to oriental psychedelic elements. An incredible new album by these wild French boys, which won't leave your record player again easily!



  1. Pink & Blue
  2. Mercy Kill
  3. Live In My Time
  4. Gorgeous Enough
  5. Charles' Theory
  6. Workplace Wellness
  7. I Wish I Had More Time
  8. Less Yarns More Barns
  9. Shaming Prince
  10. Gore & Glory