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Released: 29th Mar 2019


it took more than 5 years for these guys to finish this project – an very ambitious project, cause they wanted to do every song with a different singer they love.

And as you can imagine, there were a lot of people keen doing it and just a few really did it. So, in the end you'll get the most promising BLCKWVS record you ever listened to. They still have their trademark monolithic super heavy doom sound, but spiced it a bit. The folowing people did their part – and tell a spacey story from song to song. Toni (Union Of Sleep), Ed Fraser / Heads., Marc Grewe (Insidious Disease /orig.Morgoth), Munde (inotdance), Sarah (Black Vulpine), Siggi (Space Chaser), Lupus (Kadavar), Chris Dettmer and Milo (Rhonda).If you dig ISIS, Neurosis and alike, check these dudes as well!



  1. 0161 Bl (feat. Toni Union Of Sleep)
  2. 0163 Kh (feat. Munde Not Dance)
  3. 0164 Ol (feat. Milo Rhonda)
  4. 0165 En (feat. Sarah Vulpine)
  5. 0166 Ow (feat. Chris Dettmer)
  6. 0167 Ay (feat. Lupus Kadavar)
  7. 0168 Ba (feat. Marc Grewe)
  8. 0169 Ck (feat. Ed Heads.)