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Released: 20th Sep 2019


THE CHICKENBACKERS nail that 60s Merseybeat‐sound perfectly with their catchy melodies, tight surfy guitars and great harmonies! These newcomers from Madrid certainly have a lot to offer.

Their debut‐album “Yeh Right, Yeah!” released by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS consists of fourteen fabulous tunes with true hit potential! If it is their own compositions such as “Because I Was Blind” or “Hipsterboy” or their fantastic cover versions of the HIGH NUMBERS' mod‐anthem “Zoot Suit” or THE DIXIE CUPS' “I'm Gonna Get You Yet”, their sound will capture you and make you dance and shake right away ! You can hear it instantly, these boys just love 60’s music, Garage, R’n’R, Beat and Surf. They manage to mix all these genres playing old school beat music with their secret weapon: a combination of vocal harmonies with a huge instrumental base. THE CHICKENBACKERS will surely make you shake your hips with their rhythm and beat sound!



  1. Because I Was Blind
  2. By Your Side
  3. The Servant
  4. Hipsterboy
  5. Can't Get Your Lovin'
  6. The Surfer Chicken
  7. I Can't Make It
  8. C'mon C'mon
  9. I Would Be Happy
  10. Why Do You Do It?
  11. Zoot Suit
  12. Dancin' On The Roof
  13. The Chicken Pear
  14. I'm Gonna Get You Yet