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STATIC ON THE AIRWAVES (deluxe edition)


deluxe 2cd +dvd

Released: 31st Mar 2017


this includes 2 cds including the legendary folk punks’ original album and an additional bonus disc collecting single mixes and B-sides previously unavailable on CD; plus a previously unreleased ‘Video album’ on DVD.

STATIC ON THE AIRWAVES (deluxe edition)


  1. Static On The Airwaves
  2. We Are All Gunmen
  3. Truth Is
  4. After The Hurricane
  5. Our Forgotten Towns
  6. No Barriers
  7. Alone In This Darkness
  8. Raft of The Medusa
  9. Mutiny
  10. Traveller
  11. Second Life
  12. The Recruiting Sergeant
  13. Your Parade
  14. Going Places
  15. Ways We Have Won
  16. Family
  17. We Are All Dubmen
  18. Beautiful Day (feat. Imelda May)
  19. Julie (feat. Frank Turner)
  20. Hope St. (feat. Billy Bragg)
  21. Just The One (feat. Bellowhead)
  22. The Recruiting Sergeant (War Child Explicit Version)
  23. After The Hurricane (Single Edit)
  24. We Are All Gunmen (Single Edit)
  25. Family (White Bros Mix)
  26. Static On The Airwaves
  27. We Are All Gunmen
  28. Truth Is
  29. After The Hurricane
  30. Our Forgotten Towns
  31. No Barriers
  32. Alone In This Darkness
  33. Raft of The Medusa
  34. Mutiny
  35. Traveller
  36. Second Life
  37. The Recruiting Sergeant
  38. Beautiful Day (feat. Imelda May)
  39. Julie (feat. Frank Turner)
  40. Hope St. (feat. Billy Bragg)
  41. Just The One (feat. Bellowhead)
  42. The Recruiting Sergeant (War Child)
  43. Recruiting Sgt (Live at Beautiful Days)
  44. Raft of The Lakeman
  45. Jeremy Cunningham’s Tales from The Turntable
  46. The Recruiting Sergeant (Divokej Bill Version)
  47. Burn America Burn
  48. Before The End