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sigur ros

Valtari Film Experiment



Released: 25th Feb 2013

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Sigur Rós’s ambitious plan to make a film for every track on last year's ‘Valtari’ album drew to a close in December with one of the series’ most ambitious submissions from director Floria Sigismondi.

The flyblown 10-min mini-epic features indie movie stars Elle Fanning & John Hawkes, as father & daughter, one of whom may be dead. The 16th film in the series, it renews Sigur Ros's relationship with Sigismondi, who in 2003 won the European MTV video of year for the band's ‘Vaka', in which gas-masked school children played in the black snow of a nuclear winter. Now, all 16 Valtari films are collected together on DVD as the ‘Valtari Film Experiment’. The release includes all 14 films commissioned by the band, alongside the 2 winning entries from a parallel public competition, plus 3 additional making-of features.

Valtari Film Experiment


  1. Varúð (Inga Birgisdóttir)
  2. Valtari (Christian Larson)
  3. Ég anda (Ragnar Kjartansson)
  4. Ekki múkk (Nick Abrahams)
  5. Varðeldur (Clare Langan)
  6. Leaning Towards Solace (Floria Sigismondi) feat. Dauðalogn & Varúð
  7. Seraph (Dash Shaw / John Cameron Mitchell) feat. Rembihnútur & Ekki múkk
  8. Dauðalogn (Ruslan Fedotow)
  9. Rembihnútur (Arni & Kinski)
  10. Fjögur píanó (Alma Har'el)
  11. Ég anda (Ramin Bahrani)
  12. Varðeldur (Melika Bass)
  13. Varúð (Bjorn Floki)
  14. Dauðalogn (Henry J W Lee)
  15. Fjögur píanó (Anafelle Liu, Dio Lau and Ken Ngan)
  16. Varúð (Ryan McGinley)
  17. Varðeldur - behind the scenes / making of... (Clare Langan)
  18. Fjögur píanó - behind the scenes / making of... (Alma Har'el)
  19. Varðeldur - behind the scenes / making of... (Melika Bass)