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The Divine Comedy

Live At The Palladium

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Released: 25th Oct 2004

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Live At The Palladium


  1. Absent Friends
  2. In Pursuit Of Happiness
  3. Becoming More Like Alfie (Live At The Palladium)
  4. Sticks And Stones
  5. Leaving Today
  6. Come Home Billy Bird
  7. The Certainty Of Chance
  8. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe
  9. No One Knows
  10. National Express
  11. Generation Sex
  12. Songs Of Love
  13. The Happy Goth
  14. Our Mutual Friend
  15. Three Sisters
  16. Charmed Life
  17. Tonight We Fly
  18. Something For The Weekend
  19. Sunrise
  20. Live At The Palladium Documentary
  21. Come Home Billy Bird
  22. Absent Friends
  23. Live At The Palladium Photo Gallery
  24. Live At The Palladium Menu Loops