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vladislav delay


raster noton


Released: 28th Nov 2011

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a mixture of techno/dub & organic textures oscillating between a post-industrial sound cloud & desolate finnish landscapes.

even though complex electronic manipulations are used, ‘vantaa’ sounds like a piece of nature. sasu ripatti plays with tiny rhythmic bricks that drift & collapse, creating spaces that radiate calmness & tranquillity. using his production know-how to layer compact sound fabrics in unusual ways, these elements arouse associations with gushing water, crackling wood or growing grass. the tracks on ‘vantaa’ merge into each other & their density escalates with ‘lauma’ into an energetic climax, which is all at once the ecstatic, shamanic & truly moving peak of the album. ‘vantaa‘s style is sensitive & intelligent, but nevertheless subtly stirring & rich in detail.