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At The Drive-In

Acrobatic Tenement



Released: 25th Mar 2013



Released: 27th Mar 2013


limited cassette store day 2013 release

Released: 7th Sep 2013

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though ‘acrobatic tenement’ may only be a blueprint for the band's later albums, it comes fully formed & as forceful as a bullet to the head.

cedric dixler's barked emotional ferocity is perfectly complemented by nimble dual guitars, while pall's bass snakes in & out of the heady mix. the result is a lurching masterpiece of an album that threatens to explode -- or implode -- at any moment. unlike most hardcore bands, at the drive-in know the value of subtlety, a trick they use to create an elaborate punk/metal soundscape of rhythms & tempo shifts. a true timeless masterpiece of oblique lyrical insights & furiously rocking good tunes.

Acrobatic Tenement