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the fall

ersatz g.b.

cherry red


Released: 7th Nov 2011

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Released: 4th Nov 2011

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29th album from mark e smith’s bunch of post-punk players is still as fresh & vital as ever, with all the hallmarks of a classic fall album.

as with any fall record ‘ersatz g.b.’ retains many of their most distinctive elements whilst offering a fresh take on smith’s familiar style & subject matter, the years having done nothing to dull his surreal, ironic & often macabre view of everyday life & society. the current line-up of smith (vox), david spurr (bass), elini poulou (keys), pete greenway (guitar) & kierion mellings (drums) are now relatively established by fall standards & deliver another intriguing addition to the band’s body of work. smith’s growl has never sounded more menacing & the riffs have never been tighter or heavier.

ersatz g.b.


  1. cosmos 7
  2. taking off
  3. nate will not return
  4. mask search
  5. greenway
  6. happi song
  7. monocard
  8. laptop dog
  9. I've seen them come
  10. age of chang