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the civil wars

barton hollow


joy williams & john paul white make heartbreaking americana, tracing each other's melodies with perfect close harmonies.

This boy/girl duo, formed in nashville, construct rootsy ballads with an organic,folk-pop sound, not unlike the one made by the swell season, primarily basing their songs around acoustic guitar & their gorgeously constructed vocal lines. however when they choose to expand their instrumentation, such as on the aching & wistful 'poison & wine', they embellish their sound with subtle piano & soft, yet effective, drums. 'barton hollow' shines its brightest whenever the tempos slow, the lights dim, & the voices rise up, but the title track, with its outlaw lyrics & swanky southern groove, is a nice change from the norm.

barton hollow


  1. 20 years
  2. I've got this friend
  3. c'est la mort
  4. to whom it may concern
  5. poison & wine
  6. my father's father
  7. barton hollow
  8. the violet hour
  9. girl with the red balloon
  10. falling
  11. forget me not
  12. birds of a feather