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tim hecker

dropped pianos



Released: 17th Oct 2011



Released: 19th Dec 2011


an unexpected collection of minimal, piano driven sonic expanses from the master of ambient soundscape.

composed of sketch pieces recorded in 2010 in preparation for what would become the outstanding ‘ravedeath, 1972’ album, all of these compositions are absorbingly delicate, densely layered & vivacious in nature. this is not a new hecker album, but rather a peek behind the curtains into his working process. these pieces stand on their own as compelling soundworks. “these sketches feel personal & individual. you can imagine hecker sitting alone at a piano spinning simple yarns, rather than at a huge organ generating worlds of sound” – pitchfork.

dropped pianos


  1. sketch 1
  2. sketch 2
  3. sketch 3
  4. sketch 4
  5. sketch 5
  6. sketch 6
  7. sketch 7
  8. sketch 8
  9. sketch 9