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lungs quicken

self released

handmade, wax sealed cd

Released: 22nd Dec 2011

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the last self-released ep before their stunning full length has 3 wonderful folktronica compositions leant extraordinary power with ethereal production.

a shorter but no less worthy or imaginative effort from the intensely creative & often experimental band. the title track uses glitchy, electronic rhythms to build from the initial melodic drones to a powerful band arrangement. ‘sapsorrow’ lets shimmering piano & the extremely intimate vocal transport you to a place of glacial elegance. short but sweet finale ‘cello song’ is meditative & melancholy, acting as the ep’s lingering, heartfelt farewell. hand-made packaging with wax seal.

lungs quicken


  1. Lungs Quicken
  2. Sapsorrow
  3. Cello Song