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Southern Fried


Released: 30th Jan 2012



Released: 30th Jan 2012

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‘be strong’ ducks & weaves to the myriad sounds of the city of london, as the 2 bears raf daddy & joe goddard (hot chip) pursue the perfect party record.

the title track - a paean to everyone from steely dan to the wu tang clan via the beach boys & the art of noise – sets down the blueprint for the 2 bears sound. raf & joe met through a party scene that saw them share deck duties at the legendary greco-roman parties. upon venturing into the studio in an attempt to replicate some of the records that they’d lost themselves in the night before, raf found himself laying down vocals over joe’s skipping, bassomatic backing tracks. “dance music but not as we know it. they mix together two-step, pop, trip-hop, hip-hop, garage & rave & when it all comes together it sounds like something you’ve never heard before & never want to stop hearing” – alt.sounds.



1. The Birds & The Bees
2. Be Strong
3. Bear Hug
4. Work
5. Warm & Easy
6. Take A Look Around
7. Ghosts & Zombies
8. Time In Mind
9. Increase Your Faith
10. Heart Of The Congo's
11. Get Together
12. Church

1. The Birds & The Bees (Filthy Dukes Remix)
2. Be Strong (Blakkat Remix)
3. Bear Hug (Cristoff Remix)
4. Work (St Etienne Remix)
5. Warm & Easy (Leo Zero Remix)
6. Take A Look Around (The 2 Bears V's House of House Version)
7. Ghosts & Zombies (Brooks Haunted House Mix)
8. Time In Mind (The Deadstock 33s Dub)
9. Increase Your Faith (Daniel Avery Remix)
10. Heart Of The Congos (Afrikanz On Mars Remix)
11. Get Together (YoungTEE Remix)
12. Church (Midland's Sunday Service Dub)