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people dressed like monkeys

leftfield media


Released: 2nd Mar 2012


a solo live recording from new york on 21st august 1971 whilst newman was riding high on acclaim from ‘12 songs’.

whilst many of his singer-songwriter contemporaries adhered to the conventions of this emerging genre with confessional lovelorn tales, newman’s compositions were marked by the satirical & political nature of his first-person character sketches, which established the narrative direction of much of his future output. this was captured by the radio station wplj at a stripped back performances punctuated with high vocal points.

people dressed like monkeys


  1. Lovers Prayer
  2. Yellow Man
  3. Sail Away
  4. Living With Out You
  5. Mama Told Me Not To Come
  6. Rosemary
  7. Last Night I Had a Dream
  8. Let Me Go
  9. Lucinda
  10. Ill Be Home
  11. Suzanne
  12. My Old Kentucky Home
  13. I Think Its Going to Rain Today
  14. Tickle Me
  15. Love Story (You & Me)
  16. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
  17. Cowboy
  18. If You Need Oil
  19. The Beehive State
  20. So Long Dad
  21. Guilty
  22. Lonely at the Top
  23. You Can Leave Your Hat On
  24. Dayton, Ohio 1903
  25. Linda
  26. Memo to My Son
  27. Political Science
  28. Gods Song (Thats Why I Love Mankind)
  29. I Love L.A