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band of holy joy

how to kill a butterfly

exotic pylon


Released: 2nd Apr 2012

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alternately abrasive & delicate guitar, devastating melody-soaked violin, rolling bass, eerie electronics & thundering drums.

the veterans retain that vivid edge, exploring a weird northern hinterland where the rural & industrial meet, delving deeply into the landscape with incisive songs. they unfold slowly, subtly, creeping up on you, taking their time but not averse to kicking in a door or 2 if necessary. “what could be dark & troubled is somehow a comforting vindication of life: mystical, knowing & wise… oxymorons of beauty, grime, darkness & light abound, with an injection of humour throughout… an album that demands you sit down & digest” - louder than war.

how to kill a butterfly


  1. Go Break The Ice
  2. Oh What A Thing This Heart Of Man
  3. These Men Underground
  4. Between A Nightingales Song And Now
  5. Sadness Ignorance And Longing
  6. Northern
  7. The Observers Book Of Birds Eggs
  8. The Repentant
  9. Shake The Dust Off Your Feet
  10. A Clear Night, A Shooting Star, A Song For Boo