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mac demarco

rock and roll night club



Released: 16th May 2012


weirdo blues rock, mixing a hazy, dream pop aesthetic with dusted jams, occult imagery & smooth baritone, like scott walker meets ariel pink.

mac demarco, formerly makeout videotape, is the antithesis to your stereotypical singer-songwriter. disregarding the seriously sombre moments, he replaces them with whimsical & youthful spontaneity, whilst retaining endearing & subtle commentaries. there’s a real depth to his sound, so while the iggy pop-esque posturing of the title track sucks you into a satisfying groove, it belies the subtle, lo-fi melancholy evident on ‘one more tear to cry’ or skewed pop finesse of ‘i’m a man’. “an imagined, half-dreamed style of the ‘80s via the ‘50s” – line of best fit.

rock and roll night club


  1. Rock And Roll Night Club
  2. 96.7 The Pipe
  3. Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans
  4. One More Tear To Cry
  5. European Vegas
  6. 106.2 Breeze FM
  7. She's Really All I Need
  8. Moving Like Mike
  9. Me And Jon, Hanging On
  10. I'm A Man
  11. Only You
  12. Me & Mine