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The Dandy Warhols




Released: 23rd Apr 2012


8th studio album from the portland band sees their informed pop touched by the noisy energy of grunge & a distinct gothic edge.

opening bars of rumbling, fuzz bass show the dandies aren’t slinking subtly back, but bursting on the scene with a renewed vigour to their achingly cool pop compositions. they take in a variety of influences, through rowdy ‘in utero’-esque wig-outs to the hushed lyrics, haunting, meandering melodica, spectral backing vocals & dubbed out insinuations of ‘well they’re gone’, the ‘iggy-synth-pop’ of ‘enjoy yourself’, swooping, echo drenched ‘80s goth-pop referencing on ‘rest your head’ & the spaced out, ethereal acoustics of ‘don’t shoot she cried’.



  1. Sad Vacation
  2. The Autumn Carnival
  3. Enjoy Yourself
  4. Alternative Power To The People
  5. Well They're Gone
  6. Rest Your Head
  7. 16 Tons
  8. I Am Free
  9. SETI vs Wow! Signal
  10. Don’t Shoot She Cried
  11. Slide