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produkt der deutsch-amerikanischen freundschaft

bureau b


Released: 14th May 2012

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180 gram lp

Released: 18th Jun 2012

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possibly the world’s first noise-rock album - radical & brutish, instrumentals that flicker & burn.

most fans of the subsequently world famous duo may well be taken aback when confronted with their debut album: forceful synth bass sounds, snappy rhythms, gabi delgado & leather all conspicuously absent. in their place, pure instrumental, unstructured noise-rock, played by long-haired moustachioed types. the influence of can is audible. considering the fact that other prominent noise-rock bands such as chrome, flipper or even sonic youth recorded similar music at a much later date, this should certainly be recognised as a pioneering work.

produkt der deutsch-amerikanischen freundschaft