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Century Media


Released: 28th May 2012


lp + cd

Released: 28th May 2012

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ripened in brighton & driven by a passionate endeavour for a fresh, intense metal sound, they’ve come a long way since their 2006 debut.

from moodily brooding to furious, uncompromising rawness.  “kicks the doors in with some of the band’s most impressive guitar work to date, & it’s also worth noting here that sam carter’s screams just dig a deeper & deeper hole in your soul with each delivery as the album goes on” – punktastic. “the album builds & builds until the jarring siren riffs of ‘alpha omega’ make me want to learn some sort of martial art – maybe all the martial arts – just so i can roundhouse dropkick a tree. with my head. every day.” – thrash hits.



  1. The Bitter End
  2. Alpha Omega
  3. These Colours Don't Run
  4. Daybreak
  5. Truth, Be Told
  6. Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat
  7. Outsider Heart
  8. Behind The Throne
  9. Devil's Island
  10. Feather Of Lead
  11. Unbeliever