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thrill jockey

lp + download

Released: 30th Jul 2012

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finally available on vinyl again, An album that not only set the tone for the new Chicago prog rock, but also cemented the musical niche for Thrill Jockey Records.

Here, multi-instrumentalists John McEntire, Dan Bitney, John Herdon, Douglas McCombs, & Bundy K. Brown share equal responsibility & trust in each other, pouring out a thick stew of meditative grooves, light production experiments, & rusty guitar-string ambience, the likes of which have rarely sounded so approachable. The ground broken apart by this solid debut would be tilled and cultivated by their outstanding follow-up 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die'. Roll the dice for either album; you can't lose.





  1. Magnet Pulls Through
  2. Night Air
  3. Ry Cooder
  4. Onions Wrapped In Rubber
  5. Tin Cans & Twine
  6. Spiderwebbed
  7. His Second Story Island
  8. On Noble
  9. Flyrod
  10. Cornpone Brunch