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keel her

prize catch

critical heights


Released: 17th Aug 2012

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with Winchester-born Rose Keeler-Schäffeler’s pop gems never going over the 2 minute mark, the 'Prize Catch' 7” features 4 beautifully fuzzy, messed-up pop songs.

With fairly indistinguishable lyrics throughout but picking up bits like “I just want to be like R Stevie Moore” in 'Robert' or “I wish you’d take me out” in 'Pop Hurl', there’s a lot of soul searching & longing drenched in those swathes of distortion & crumbling lo-fi. “Every sane indie person is quite rationally crushing out on Keel Her right now. Each skewed-up ball of lo-fi guitar pop to appear on her Soundcloud belies a knack for tousled, blushing earworms masked beneath 4-track hissing distortion” - Snipe.

prize catch


  1. Prize Catch
  2. Robert Side
  3. Pop Hurl
  4. Agitated