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The Birthday Party



180g vinyl + 7" & cd

Released: 27th Aug 2012


specially mastered vinyl edition of the birthday party's final studio album, featuring a cd & bonus 7" of classics 'release the bats' & 'blast off'.

'junkyard' was the band's scuzzy masterpiece, its art / psych / blues / punk fusion taken to, at times, outrageous heights. harnessing the power of the stooges’ ‘funhouse’ with the limitless possibilities offered by captain beefheart’s ‘trout mask replica’, the white hot, visceral energy delivered by nick cave & co is epitomised by classic, tribal punk workouts 'dead joe' & 'hamlet (pow, pow, pow), while their gothic inclinations reached new heights with the chilling, looming opener 'she's hit'.



  1. She’s Hit
  2. Dead Joe
  3. The Dim Locator
  4. Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
  5. Several Sins
  6. Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
  7. Kiss Me Black
  8. 6" Gold BladeKewpie Doll
  9. JunkYard

Bonus 7"

  1. Release The Bats
  2. Blast Off