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Steve Vai

The Story Of Light

favoured nations / light without heat / jibboom


Released: 10th Sep 2012


cd & dvd (includes song by song breakdowns from The Story of Light, an Exclusive interview with Steve Vai, and more)

Released: 17th Sep 2012


this sprawling & expressive 12-song set continues a conceptual & cosmic narrative arc begun on the 2005 album 'Real Illusions: Reflection's'.

Vai’s lead guitar is as lyrically resonant as it is technically masterful, his licks & solos bending sounds & listeners’ minds in equal measure. the story follows a man driven mad by grief, intertwining tragedy, enlightenment, & redemption. "Fans of Vai’s high-energy rock playing will not be left wanting... “Velorum” has a prog-meets-Hendrix vibe & is significant for its monstrous display of guitar chops. However, “Gravity Storm” is the shred coup-de-grace, a hectic romp through all of the man’s signature tricks & licks over a heavy groove." consequence of sound.

The Story Of Light


  1. The Story of Light
  2. Velorum
  3. John the Revelator
  4. Book of the Seven Seals
  5. Creamsicle Sunset
  6. Gravity Storm
  7. Mullach a' tSí
  8. The Moon and I
  9. Weeping China doll
  10. Racing the World
  11. No More Amsterdam
  12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops