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all we love we leave behind



Released: 8th Oct 2012


ltd red 2lp + download

Released: 21st Jan 2013

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Creating the most antagonistic album of 2012, there's an uncompromising, evolutionary new experimentation in this record , which breaks the most aggressive form of music down to its barebones.

‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ is an album that contains no special guests or outside collaborators & every aspect of the music, production & aesthetics of the album was handled by Converge in order to give listeners an unfiltered glimpse into the creative vision of these Boston-based innovators. Formed in Salem, MA, in 1990, Converge are to modern metal what the Ramones were to punk & are consistently listed among hard music’s most influential & important bands.

all we love we leave behind


1 Aimless Arrow
2 Trespasses
3 Tender Abuse
4 Sadness Comes Home
5 Empty On The Inside
6 Sparrow's Fall
7 A Glacial Pace
8 Vicious Muse
9 Veins And Veils
10 Coral Blue
11 Shame In The Way
12 Precipice
13 All We Love We Leave Behind
14 Predatory Glow