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Ben Harper

by my side



Released: 15th Oct 2012

£13.99 £5.99

Ben Harper has personally selected his favourite ballads for this career-spanning retrospective.

Combining funky, groove-laden soul with handcrafted acoustic folk-rock, harper enjoyed cult status during the course of the '90s before gaining wider attention toward the decade's end. here the focus is on his softer side with some of his most unforgettable songs featured plus the new track, 'crazy amazing' & a rare studio version of 'Not Fire Not Ice'.

by my side


  1. Forever
  2. By My Side
  3. Gold to Me
  4. Diamonds On the Inside
  5. In the Colors
  6. Beloved One
  7. Not Fire, Not Ice
  8. Morning Yearning
  9. Feel Love
  10. Happy Everafter in Your Eyes
  11. Waiting On an Angel
  12. Crazy Amazing