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U.S. Girls


fat cat


Released: 22nd Oct 2012

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Released: 12th Nov 2012

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A hauntingly catchy release by American lone DIY artist Meghan Remy.

U.S. Girls pursue a minimalist aesthetic with a militant by-any-means-necessary attitude, merging experimental compositions with distinctive photocopy-art visuals to deliver a starkly defined statement. “Don't let the scuzzy surface fool you: At the heart of Megan Remy's one-woman lo-fi project U.S. Girls beats a pop sensibility” - Pitchfork





  1. Another Color
  2. Work From Home
  3. Jack
  4. He Who
  5. Rosemary
  6. Don’t Understand That
  7. Man
  8. Slim Baby
  9. Down In The Boondocks
  10. Curves
  11. North On 45