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Night Has A Thousand Screams

Rock Action


Released: 29th Oct 2012


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Released: 29th Oct 2012

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a chilling interpretation of the sounds of '80s horror & shock flicks, conjuring the dark, suspenseful aura of goblin et al, balanced out with some awesome kraut-y synths.

matt hill's 1st album for mogwai's rock action label conveys his deep love of the film scoring greats such as john carpenter, john williams, jerry goldsmith & vangelis better than ever. created & recorded as a film soundtrack for the glasgow music & film festival in february 2012, this bleak electronica is stark, ominous, reverential & heavily laden with doomy atmosphere from start to finish.

Night Has A Thousand Screams


  1. Boston, 1942
  2. Opening Titles
  3. The Puzzle
  4. The Investigation
  5. The Pool
  6. The Dance Studio
  7. The Waterbed
  8. The Locker Room
  9. Paralyzed
  10. End Credits