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high wolf / kunlun

stars priest / the eternal return of the different

great pop supplement

ltd 7"

Released: 5th Nov 2012

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a mighty ‘lone artist / 2 side projects’ split 7" from High Wolf (the better known of the enigmatic Frenchman Max’s aliases) with kraut-loving kunlun On the reverse.

high wolf's side is the perfect representation of his head spinning, heavily improvised project of spiritually charged, spiralling looped drones previously aired across a number of utterly essential releases on labels such as Holy Mountain, Not Not Fun as well as his own Winged Sun imprint. kunlun ’s amazing 'the Eternal Return of the Different' offers up a more straightlaced electronic / kosmische flavour- recalling prime era Cluster, Harmonia, Schulze, Schnitzler or even (the criminally overlooked) Gunter Schickert in places.

stars priest / the eternal return of the different


  1. stars priest
  2. the eternal return of the different