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knee-deep in the north sea

Real World


Released: 31st Jan 2011

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Released: 31st Jan 2011


Debut album from strikingly original South London quartet noted for their use of the hang, a 21st century version of the steel drum capable of producing a versatile variety of warm metallic sounds.

Self-described as "an indie band that plays post-jazz", their music takes in elements of jazz, world music and classical minimalism to create a rhythmic, propulsive, trance-like feeling. This reissue of the 2008 Mercury nominee, featuring a number of bonus tracks, comes via their new home, Peter Gabriel's Real World label.

knee-deep in the north sea


  1. News from Verona
  2. Zavodovski Island
  3. Knee Deep in the North Sea
  4. Too Many Cooks
  5. Steps in the Wrong Direction
  6. Monsoon Top to Bottom
  7. The Kon Tiki Expedition
  8. Cittagazze
  9. Pompidou
  10. Prickly Pear
  11. And All the Pieces Matter
  12. Knee Deep in the North Sea
  13. Steps in the Wrong Direction