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you're nothing



Released: 18th Feb 2013


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Released: 18th Feb 2013


Just out of their teens, it seems Copenhagen’s Iceage have only added to the anxiety & tension that made their debut album so compelling.

When watching Iceage live you get the feeling the songs could be just about to fall apart before they miraculously recover, always rewarding you with a climax. It’s this menacing energy found in their shows that’s more forceful on 'You're Nothing'. The guitars flay violently & the vocals sound furious at times, but they’re also far more melodic & dynamic than on their debut - the sound of a band pushing their singular mix of punk, Goth, hardcore & post-punk to even further extremes. In doing so they create an overwhelming number of different ways in which to write a short, aggressive rock song, with each element vying for attention.

you're nothing


  1. Ecstasy
  2. Coalition
  3. Interlude
  4. Burning Hand
  5. In Haze
  6. Morals
  7. Everything Drifts
  8. Wounded Hearts
  9. It Might Hit First
  10. Rodfæstet
  11. Awake
  12. You’re Nothing