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Les Revenants Soundtrack

Rock Action Records


Released: 25th Feb 2013


lp + download

Released: 25th Feb 2013


14 brand new recordings from the scottish post-rock outfit, created as the score to the French TV drama show 'Les Revenants', based on Robin Campillo’s 2004 film 'Ghosts'.

aired during 2012, it racked up huge viewing figures as well as great critical acclaim. The desolate atmospheres & building layers the Scots employ, make them ideal for creating memorable soundtracks, as proven before in the likes of 2006's soccer biopic 'Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait' & undoubtedly, these truly beautiful & relatively sparse set of instrumentals would have served the suspense & ghostly nature of 'les revenants' perfectly. "often led by (creeping, trickling) piano lines & the soft yawn of a cello, with a single delayed guitar almost like a flute in the background...Mogwai’s most vital release in years; a collection of fully realized pieces that could be the closest they’ll ever come to an unplugged greatest hits" 8/10 - drowned in sound.

Les Revenants Soundtrack


  1. Hungry Face
  2. Jaguar
  3. The Huts
  4. Kill Jester
  5. This Messiah Needs Watching
  6. Whisky Time
  7. Special N
  8. Relative Hysteria
  9. Fridge Magic
  10. Portugal
  11. Eagle Tax
  12. Modern
  13. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
  14. Wizard Motor