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bad blood



Released: 4th Mar 2013



Released: 3rd Jun 2013


uplifting, nostalgic & immersive, dan smith's metaphor rich prose is set to muscular, '80s influenced, richly orchestrated synth pop epics.

opening with the joyous, african influenced vocal harmonies of 'pompeii', this rousing call to arms begins the journey perfectly, all thunderous percussion, punchy vocal hooks & wide eyed melodies. 'things we lost in the fire' is a wistful rumination on lost, set against beautiful string arrangements, building from delicate, plucked harmonies to a huge orchestral backdrop. the title track brings a bit of funk to proceedings, a nostalgic look back at the simple experiences that form your life & friendships set to a pulsing synth bass. 'weight of living, pt. ii' takes things upbeat for some glorious, angular synth pop while 'oblivion' is possibly the album's most tender moment, with dan smith's heart wrenching falsetto soaring over violins, cello & strange bit-crushed percussion. 'laura palmer' evokes the doomed 'twin peaks' teenager for one of the album's most gratifying moments of dark, yet hopeful, pop.

bad blood


  1. Pompeii
  2. Things We Lost in the Fire
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Overjoyed
  5. These Streets
  6. Weight of Living, Pt. II
  7. Icarus
  8. Oblivion
  9. Flaws
  10. Daniel in the Den
  11. Laura Palmer
  12. Get Home
  13. Weight of Living, Pt. I