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uncle acid & the deadbeats

mind control

rise above


Released: 12th Apr 2013



Released: 17th Apr 2013


perfectly captures the band's live sound of saturated fuzz, mind-bending riffs & '60s vocal harmonies.

opener 'mt. abraxas' has definite echoes of sabbath in its droning, distorted guitar riff, crashing down in a mid-tempo groove behind some great '70s rock vocals. it's an epic start to the album, gradually speeding up to a racing shuffle then slowing to a devastatingly powerful crawl. 'mind control' brings to mind queens of the stone age in its sludgy, stoner melodies, 'poison apple' successfully merges reckless garage abandon with the more fantastical tropes of early '70s hard rock, 'death valley blues' is a trippy, psychedelic wander amongst swirling guitars & sugary vocal melodies while 'devil's work' summons beelzebub himself with its insistent pounding rhythms, chugging, metallic guitars & ominous, rumbling atmospheric tension.

mind control