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Released: 1st Apr 2013



Released: 8th Apr 2013

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tuareg musician's captivating vocals, trance-like guitar playing & evocative rhythms are brought to the fore by dan auerbach's masterful production.

like many other tuareg musicians, bombino writes in a style influenced equally by the trance-like qualities of saharan blues & guitar styles of western rock. learning from hendrix & mark knopfler, among others, he honed his guitar technique working as a musician & desert herder near tripoli. as such, the album is a tremendous meeting of cultural reference points. opener 'amidinine' sets the tone with an irresistible bluesy stomp as he threads his riffs & solos masterfully around the rhythmic pulse. 'azamane tiliade' builds up a wall of sound & melody on one guitar with virtuosic skill, accompanied only by touches of percussion, while a gentler, folkier feel is applied to 'niamey jam', deftly trading licks with the organ."auerbach knows how to turn bluesy, guitar-&-percussion jams into gold" 4/5 - mojo.



  1. Amidinine
  2. Ahulakamine Hulan
  3. Azamane Tiliade
  4. Imuhar
  5. Niamey Jam
  6. Adinat
  7. Her Tenere
  8. Imidiwan
  9. Aman
  10. Zigzan
  11. Tamiditine