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jungle cats

dream beach recordings


Released: 3rd Jun 2013


blue vinyl lp + download

Released: 4th Jul 2013

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infectious indie pop-punk inspired by african music, san francisco psych, james brown’s unequalled dedication to the holy groove & carlos santana.

setting the ‘desert vibe’ tone from opener ‘green apple milk’ – full of crackling, dusty ethiopian jazz samples & three-part saxophone harmonies that eventually descend into a slow & psychedelic santana & earth-inspired desert trip – & featuring a new far jazzier version of 2012’s ‘salt flats’, ‘jungle cats’ is a further distillation of the group’s myriad eclectic influences into a bouncing & constantly shifting spectrum of sunshine sounds from a trio of punk virtuosos. "afrobeat, calypso riffs & a free-jazz philosophy" - nme "what would have happened if a scratchy ’80s post-punk group had had access to a whole load of african music blogs" 4/5 - time out.

jungle cats


  1. Green Apple Milk
  2. Citric placid
  3. Mayan Flex
  4. Sleep
  5. Panama Red Jets
  6. Ya Mustafa
  7. Silver Jade Mountain
  8. Cayman Brac
  9. Salt Flats
  10. Mountain Bombs