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the slowdown

micro spiral


Released: 12th Jun 2013


an 11-track psychedelic-electro-bluegrass-pop explosion & a hymn to the joys of living life leisurely.

2010 saw  stuart cullen relocate to the wilds of north somerset, shifting the focus of his sound from traditional "programmed" electronica to a more live feel, incorporating traditional blues, folk & bluegrass stylings alongside the beats, bleeps & bass, whilst retaining the healthy pop sensibility & playful feel which has been a pilote trademark over the years. setting the tone with folk roots, delightful melodies & warm sub bass, cullen takes us through the jittery beats of ‘shapeshifter blues’, chiming acid waltz classic ‘lady laudanum’, haunting ambience on ‘you’re only as cold as you feel’ & more.

the slowdown


  1. DBS
  2. Shapeshifter Blues
  3. Lesson 51 (A Tailchaser's Waltz)
  4. The Sixth Street Ramble
  5. Lady Laudanum
  6. Me And Timothy Leary
  7. Foggy Paddock Backstep
  8. You’re Only As Cold As You Feel
  9. Eight Bar Lullaby
  10. Paramour
  11. Before You Fall Down (feat. Dusty Stray)