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Half Of Where You Live



Released: 10th Jun 2013

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2lp + download

Released: 8th Jul 2013

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limited cassette store day 2013 release

Released: 7th Sep 2013

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beautiful melodic cycles weave around understated grooves in a swirling, laid back melange of dance rhythms & tuneful bliss.

from the opener 'junk city ii' it's clear that gold panda's globetrotting schedule has influenced his productions since debut 'lucky shiner'. a techno feel permeates the album in a very gentle way. while tracks like 'junk city ii', 'brazil', 'community' & the skittish, garage-y 'the most liveable city' would cause serious motion on a dancefloor, on more atmospheric tracks like the oriental sounding textures of ‘my father in hong kong 1961’ & warm, pulsating melodies of 's950' he shows his skill at creating heart-tugging & interesting melodic soundscapes, while the acoustic melodies & floating strings of 'we work nights' develops the recent electronic strains of bonobo or four tet.

Half Of Where You Live


  1. Junk City II
  2. An English House
  3. Brazil
  4. My Father In Hong Kong
  5. 1961
  6. Community
  7. S950
  8. We Work Nights
  9. Flinton
  10. Enoshima
  11. The Most Liveable City
  12. Reprise