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fade out



Released: 3rd Jun 2013

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gatefold 2lp

Released: 11th Jul 2013

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loop resurrected the concept of space rock for a new era, creating droning soundscapes of bleak beauty & harsh dissonance.

on this 1988 sophomore album, wrecking ball riffs that remain firmly balanced between lunkheaded & complex play a major role, simple but effective rhythms propel & robert hampson's vocals generally play the role of additional instrument, doing little more than expressing the subject given in the titles. cd version features the original album on cd 1, & 4 unreleased demo versions, 3 peel session tracks, & the 5 guitar loops on cd 2. re-cut from the 2008 remasters by kevin metcalf; the vinyl is re-released as it first came out, as a double 45rpm 12" set, in a gold gatefold sleeve.

fade out


  1. Black Sun This Is Where You End
  2. Fever Knife Torched
  3. Fade Out Pulse
  4. A Vision Stain Got To Get It Over