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Volcano Choir




Released: 2nd Sep 2013


limited lp + download

Released: 2nd Sep 2013


limited cassette store day 2013 release

Released: 7th Sep 2013

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behind justin vernon’s unique vocal textures & technologies, a confident band extend their reach to anthemic peaks & pull back to reveal moments of the utmost vulnerability.

the glitch-laden, cautious presentation of the band's previous work serves as points of both reference & departure across these 8 songs, now sounding confidently like a complete band & no longer like a side-project. gifted in shading & nuance & rumbling with power, the seamless structuring of electronic & acoustic instruments makes for a truly mesmerising listen. “an epic musical odyssey...vernon's overarching ambition is matched by his limitless inventiveness, & now, that of his co-conspirators" 9/10 - uncut.

sophie recommends : "strong, confident & remaining true to the nature of volcano choir, experimental; but in a bolder more polished form than its predecessor. vernon’s vocals, for majority, display deeper & richer tones than which he is known for. totally captivating".

derry recommends : "“it’s early days yet but this could be better than the last bon iver solo album. the 1st volcano choir album sounded like a project, this sounds like a band ”.




  1. Tiderays
  2. acetate
  3. Comrade
  4. byegone
  5. Alaskans
  6. Dancepack
  7. Keel
  8. Almanac