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Soft Will

Mom+Pop/What's Your Rupture


Released: 24th Jun 2013



Released: 1st Jul 2013

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The melodic indie-rock group sound more indebted to the beatles & pink floyd on this soft rock outing that waves a hazy goodbye to their garage rock days.

"a fun, small-stakes, hair-blowing-in-wind sort of album, but it’s so melodically packed, so full of sharp little production touches, that I’m still hearing new details a few weeks after playing it for the first time. These songs would work really well as no-frills acoustic deals, but if we heard them that way, we’d miss the delicate Southern rock guitar-leads during the great extended “whoooaaa yeah!” coda on “3am Spiritual,” or the way Omori’s massed, multitracked voice surges upward on the “Best Friend” chorus. On the album-closing “Varsity,” maybe the best song here, Omori summons a chorus so meaninglessly grand and triumphant that it practically demands full-field singalongs" - stereogum.

Soft Will


  1. 3am Spiritual
  2. Idol
  3. Glossed
  4. XXIII
  5. Fool Proof
  6. White Oath
  7. Only Natural
  8. Best Friend
  9. Cheer Up
  10. Varsity