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r stevie moore

personal appeal

care in the community


Released: 19th Aug 2013


180g lp

Released: 29th Aug 2013


'Personal Appeal' at once both showcases why such acclaim is several decades overdue, but in its body of material it actually goes back to way before the magazine covers & rise to cult iconicity that Moore can now justly enjoy.

The 15 tracks have been taken from a period in between 1973 to 2001, an era during which he forged a deep connection with New Jersey, after moving there from his native Nashville in 1978. The cuts on 'Personal Appeal' all derive from this vast, largely un-catalogued well of material that he was creating & self-producing alongside his more ‘official’ output. The selection tells a story, not through comprehension (a truly exhaustive "Best Of" on Stevie would clock in at days in length,) but through mood & representation. It veers through surf-rock, freak folk, touches on bluegrass & country & sprawls outwards to include orchestral flourishes & broader rock sounds.

personal appeal


  1. Why Can't I Write A Hit?
  2. Makeup Shakeup
  3. Old
  4. Structure Of Love
  5. The Picture
  6. Quarter Peep Show
  7. I've Begun To Fall In Love
  8. Pretend For A Second That You Are very intelligent
  9. Forecast
  10. No Body
  11. Man Without A Purpose
  12. Treat Me
  13. What We Did
  14. Copy Me
  15. I'm Sorry But Goodnight