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Flux Of Pink Indians

Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible

One Little Indian Records


Released: 19th Aug 2013

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2lp + download

Released: 2nd Sep 2013


Originally released on the band’s own Spiderleg label, One Little Indian re-issue The Flux Of Pink Indians’ digitally remastered classic 1983 debut album ‘Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible’.

The ‘Strive’ line up comprised Colin Latter (vocals), Derek Birkett (bass guitar), Kevin Hunter (guitars) & Martin Wilson (drums). Formed in 1981, Flux - as they later became known - were contemporaries of Crass & synonymous with the strict vegan, anti-fascist, anti-capitalism, anti-Thatcher anarcho-punk scene of the time. this 3CD package includes the remastered ‘Strive…’ album plus ‘Tube Disaster’, a disc of demos & ‘Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire’, recorded in 2007.

***The double LP package includes the remastered ‘Strive…’ album on the first disc, the demos on the second & a download code for all the tracks plus ‘Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire’***

Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible


disc 1

  1. Song For Them
  2. Charity Hilarity
  3. Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout
  4. Take Heed
  5. TV Dinners
  6. Tapioca Sunrise
  7. Progress
  8. They Lie, We Die
  9. Blinded By Science
  10. Myomatosis
  11. Is There Anybody There?
  12. The Fun Is Over
  13. Neu Smell/ Tube Disaster / Poem
  14. Background of Malfunction

Disc 2 - demos

  1. Tapioca Sunrise (Wargasm LP Version)
  2. Is There Anybody Home?
  3. Myxomatosis
  4. Progress
  5. Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout
  6. Song For Them (Poem)
  7. Take Heed
  8. Tapioca Sunrise
  9. The Fun Is Over
  10. Blinded By Science

Disc 3 - live at shepherds bush 2007

  1. Progress
  2. Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout
  3. Charity Hilarity
  4. Blinded by Science
  5. Take Heed
  6. They Lie We Die
  7. Sick Brothers
  8. Background Of Malfunction
  9. TV Dinners
  10. Tapioca Sunrise
  11. 1970s Have Been Made In Hong Kong
  12. Myxomatosis
  13. Tube Disaster
  14. The Fun Is Over