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chelsea wolfe

pain is beauty

Sargent House


Released: 2nd Sep 2013


2lp + download

Released: 2nd Sep 2013


flittering shards of doom-drenched folk, minimalist pop & morose electronica provide a crystalline canvas for wolfe's lyrical penchant for the otherworldly & mesmerising croon.

‘pain is beauty’ is an exploration of ancestry, how the mythology, landscapes & traditions of our ancestors affect our personalities today. ‘feral love’ stalks its prey, brooding with measured severity, its imminent threat instead surrendering to an encompassing swell which just as quickly retreats into silence. on the sinuous electronica of ‘house of metal’, fairy tale keyboards & synthetic strings provide a purpose-driven sense of tranquillity amongst the strangeness of nature. the album's most overtly political track, ‘kings,’ is a buzzing examination of the status quo, bookended by ‘reins’, whose waxing forward-pull effectively channels an atmosphere reminiscent of the darkest of early ‘80s post-punk.

pain is beauty


  1. Feral Love
  2. We Hit a Wall
  3. House of Metal
  4. The Warden
  5. Destruction Makes the World Burn Brighter
  6. Sick
  7. Kings
  8. Reins
  9. Ancestors, the Ancients
  10. They'll Clap When You're Gone
  11. The Waves Have Come
  12. Lone