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The Durutti Column

paean to wilson



Released: 13th Nov 2013


arguably vini reilly & the durutti column’s most important & consistent piece of work since the demise of the original & seminal factory records in the early 1990s.

vini composed pieces for factory founder tony wilson to listen to whilst he was ill in hospital & it was from here that the project developed. at one point, reilly – known for melancholy – launches into something resembling an irish jig. "tony loved to laugh," he explained. "he loved absurdities." after the humour comes exquisitely mournful music. with reilly & drummer bruce mitchell augmented by bass, keyboard, violin, electric piano, drum machine & trumpet, the band's beautiful pieces reflected wilson's love of rock & classical. reilly's plangent guitar work shows grief's emotional spectrum, from sadness to overdriven anger. as in life, wilson had the last word, his recorded voice expounding thoughts on socialism with an eerie echo.

paean to wilson