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lydia loveless

somewhere else



Released: 17th Feb 2014


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Released: 24th Mar 2014

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Lydia & her cohorts have coalesced into a band with a broad rock & roll range - Thematically, these 10 songs are stark in their honesty, self examination & openness.

Two years after the critical success of her breakout Bloodshot debut, 'Indestructible Machine', Lydia Loveless emerges from the trenches of her hometown Columbus, OH, gloves off & brimming with confidence on 'Somewhere Else'. While her previous album was described as "hillbilly punk with a honky-tonk heart" (Uncut), this one can’t be so quickly shoehorned into neat categorical cubbyholes. 'Somewhere Else' is more elemental than any of Loveless’ previous material, all anchored by her arresting voice.

somewhere else


  1. Really Wanna See You Again
  2. Wine Lips
  3. Chris Isaac
  4. To Love Somebody
  5. Hurts So Bad
  6. Head
  7. Verlaine Shot Rimbaud
  8. Somewhere Else
  9. Everything's Gone
  10. They Don't Know