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Released: 7th Apr 2014

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Released: 14th Apr 2014

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Washington, DC based Eric Hilton & Rob Garza have spent nearly 2 decades creating boundary-warping, complexly crafted electronic music partly inspired by bossa nova’s intricate rhythms & lush textures.

Now, with their 7th studio album 'Saudade', Thievery Corporation present their first release devoted entirely to the Brazilian-born genre that first connected them. Drawing influence from classic Brazilian performers like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa, and Luis Bonfá - along with Serge Gainsbourg, Ennio Morricone & more modern artists like electro-samba pioneer Isabelle Antena - 'Saudade' achieves its delicate yet deeply sensuous sound with the help of more than a dozen guest musicians. Although they stay true to traditional bossa nova’s elegant fusion of samba & jazz all throughout 'Saudade', the album is rich with strange & wonderful flourishes that revel in the duo’s hyper-inventive tendencies.



  1. Décollage feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  2. Meu Nego feat. Karina Zeviani
  3. Quem Me Leva feat. Elin
  4. Firelight feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  5. Sola In Citta feat. Elin
  6. No More Disguise feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  7. Saudade
  8. Claridad feat. Natalia Clavier
  9. Nos Dois feat. Karina Zeviani
  10. Le Coeur feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  11. Para Sempre feat. Elin
  12. Bateau Rouge feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  13. Depth of My Soul feat. Shana Halliga