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bad breeding

burn this flag

hate hate hate


Released: 1st Sep 2014

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the stevenage band are an angry bunch for sure - they are raging with a discontent at the state of their town - a worn down, tattered place of broken promises.

the town suffered an enormous increase in youth unemployment during the recession, with opportunities becoming slim to non-existent. Bad Breeding & their fiery, youthful disillusionment are almost the inevitable fallout of a situation like this & Informed by all shades of deviant rock 'n' roll, they have a real bite & edge so releasing their debut single on hate hate hate is a perfect fit. they offer a defiantly British voice which, like sleaford mods currently & black flag before them, hits hard & rouses the rebellious spirit in us all.

burn this flag


  1. Burn This Flag
  2. Age of Nothing